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Some of the Frequently Asked Questions



What is ASCYPAA? Is it A.A.?

ASCYPAA is the Arizona State Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous. We are a collective group of people recovering from alcoholism, and while we are all young at heart, not all are young in age. We are not directly affiliated with A.A. We welcome everyone to come to the conference to experience a life beyond your wildest dreams.


Does ASCYPAA cost money to attend?

In order to put on these events, since we are self-supporting, the committee charges a registration fee. Arrangements can be made if an attendee is unable to afford the registration fee. Please contact the host commitee

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Where does the money go? 

The majority of the funds are used to cover expenditures of the conference, as well as passed onto the next committee hosting the conference. Remaining funds beyond such allocations can be donated to local and regional A.A. service committees. 


What do you mean by young?

Young at heart, not necessarily in age. There is always room to grow your spiritual understanding.

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What if we want to host an ASCYPAA conference?

Gather your group, set a time to meet, and elect a service positions. Here are some of the guides to follow and other documentation:



Want to know more about ASCYPAA? Facts, Aims, and Purposes?

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